Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a decision

Yes, i did it! I have decided to move to salt lake city. I feel really good and happy inside. (for the most part) (I'll tell you the only two bad things in a bit).

So, I heard about this massage school that was highly recommended by massage therapists in salt lake. I inquired at the school, and found out that the semester started that day. So I started the next day. strangely, this is exactly how i got into beauty school. I didn't think about it- i just went to the school the 2nd day of class and began my life in the crazy world of beauty. The decision to go to beauty school has been the best financial decision of my life. People were shocked when i did it, and even now i sometimes freak out that i do hair. Mostly when i look in the mirror and realize that i haven't combed my hair in 2 days... it doesn't really fit my personality or something. and yet it does.

I think this blog is going to be a rambler. so sorry. But the other day in massage school, a girl in my class was saying how her friend in seattle decided to go to beauty school. She thought it was crazy because he wants to work in the healing industry, and the hair industry seems like the furthest thing from that. As i was thinking about that, i realized that the hair industry is one where you help people. I love my job because of that. I love that people pour their lifes out on me and let me give them feedback, or just listen. Its so fun and depressing. anyway, im just putting a plug in for hair doers. its a really amazing job. but i am so excited to get into this new massage stuff.

And, i got a new job at a salon is slc! im so excited! ill only work fridays and saturdays, but tell people to come to me... if they dare. Im actually a little good at it. I charge 80$ for cut and color, and 30 for a cut. Its a good deal in slc.

My Brother John married his love, Maryssa 2 weekends ago. The day was warm, and they were so beautiful! i love them both so much. They never read this, but im just really excited for them to be wed. And yes, calli my 6 year old niece caught the bouquet. the little bum face.

I am now going to tell you the sad and bad things. First, eric and i aren't dating anymore. I haven't talked much about our relationship because i don't like telling personal stuff on here. but I miss him, and i love who he is and what he has taught me about love and communication. He loved me without judgement. It's a fulfilling way to be loved.

Second, my bed is not directly on the floor and i am really uncomfortable with that. I still look in my closet before i go to sleep every night, and when my bed isn't on the floor i have to look under there too. The thing is, nothing "living" could actually fit under the bed. (its only about 5 inches off the floor) so mostly i'm scared of ghosts or skinny monsters. I woke up at 5 am this morning and stepped off my bed and felt cold air coming from under my bed. I don't like it. i hate it.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what is going on here?

I really don't have any idea. those of you who look at this blog, will you cast a vote for one of these options?

1. move to san fransico in my vw bus (that will likely break down on the way), get a job and rent a driveway/kitchen/bathroom.

2. stay in slc and get a job and make some damn money.

3. move to damn logan and make some damn money.

So I accidently told a prospective client that i worked in a strip bar instead of a strip mall. I don't think she'll ever call. sad.

no pictures today- i cant find my camara. its somewhere in this huge pile of stuff that's in my parents garage that i keep wishing wasn't mine. do we all get to the point of wanting to start over with stuff? just throwing everything away and having nothing? i would love that right now. every time i try to throw some of my clothes away one of my little sisters grabs it and is so so happy, and then i see it in her closet 5 months later and i take it back. its a vicious cycle.

love, s

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hi cute baby blog

ok so. does it seem weird when you almost turn 26 and you are sitting at your parents house trying to figure out where your next big move is going to be? and then you decide that its going to be to your parents house?
It seems weird to me. as does the spelling of wierd. (weerd)

i have the boyfriend eric. he is moving back up to logan for the fall semester, and so i might do that. i want to be where he is. that is cute. fall in logan is my favorite time of year.

we went to jackson hole last weekend after spending the week at flaming gorge with my family. It was such a good week. i love flaming gorge.

and then we were driving through the forest in jackson and we saw a moose and then we saw a bear. !! it was scary! but also it was cool.

we came home, then i showered for the first time in a week. it was scary. but i also thought it was fun to be that dirty. and now i only try to shower 3 times a week instead of 7.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

These are pictures from the past few months. some are up in bellingham, some are in vancouver and some are here in utah.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello again blog

It has been a long time once again. I have nothing to talk about except things that i don't really want every person in the world wide web to know about. So I'll just write.

I love summer so much that i want it to stay for ever. But during that one winter i spent in hawaii i realized that I only love love summer because of how much i really hate winter. and I love that those little flowers that come up every spring all the sudden push their little stems up through the dirt. its neat isn't it? I went to bellingham wa a few weeks ago and caught a train up to vancouver bc. it was really pretty in both places, yet i was disappointed because it was cold in june. kinda really cold. i had to steal soccer socks from the boy i was staying with. and a hat and gloves.

in vancouver i didn't really talk to anyone. it was a different kind of trip because i didn't feel like being nice to people. so i just didn't look at people or smile very much. It was invigorating. but then this cynical boy started talking to me. we became walking friends for a day.

Its funny how one person can fulfill you. How they can make you feel comfortable being totally alone because you know that person cares about you. You dont have to feel lonely because you know that if that person could they would be with you. and the people around you know that too. Or even if they don't know that you still do, so you don't have to explain your alone state to anyone. i have a small complex about being cool.

I ran a red light today in centerville. on pages lane and main. It was so weird. i looked up and saw green then suddenly 7 seconds later when i was in the middle of the intersection and someone was honking as they swerved around me, i looked up and saw red. oops. sorry everyone. luckly i was not in my blue car with the white door or i would be sad and scared of everyone knowing who i was and hating me. I have never run a red light before. even if im in the middle of nowhere in a land where there are no people i still don't dare. I turned a new leaf today. I efficiantly got through a red light in a crowded intersection with nothing but a memory to show for it. and my sister michelles memory too. she hated me for a few seconds.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Here are the pictures i alluded to. Better late than never.

This is my niece cali. She's a cutie.

My older sister Deb and my younger sister michelle. and I. I hate the "and i" rule.

Just a weed or two.

A tribute. please don't move to idaho.

I thought this picture was nice with the shadows and my sisters playing happily in the road.

This is Eric and me.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The big move .

Lame title, but how are you supposed to think of cool things to say all the time? So my live now is changing semi-drasticly but not really enough to make a fuss over. Im moving to salt lake for the summer and working part-time at a salad and sandwich shop. Samwitch is how i originally tried spelling that. (Perhaps its not as phonetic as i supposed.) I am making 7 dollars/hour. A bit of a pay cut really. Im renting out my condo in logan to a married couple. I feel really lucky that I found them. They are a normal-type mormon couple. We've been getting electric and plumbing stuff done to put in a washer/dryer hook-up, which is a good up-grade for the resale value. Or so they say.
Eric is moving to Duchesne. He is my boyfriend. It might be hard for me to not live near a person who i like. it seems a bit sad really.
Im going to start doing hair in Slc within a week or so. Or maybe bountiful. we'll see.
Man my life is boring to write about. sorry. It seems more eventful in my mind. maybe a picture might cheer this blog up a bit.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I didn't die. but it seems like it.

Its been a little bit of time since i blogged. I can't even think of interesting things to think about, let alone share with the world wide web. So here is a nice little blog of random pictures. Pictures are words (the old saying goes). Kidding- i don't know how that saying goes. I really don't like sayings that much anyway.

These are mostly of Peru. I loved Peru. It was a beautiful country. It was so fun being with my cousin Andrea. We always learn a lot about ourselves and each other when we go on little adventures. It's always funny and semi-dramatic. We love each other.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

lots of different

these are pictures from the bus...

Town center in Cusco

Me and Andrea

We are in Cusco, which is a beautiful town in the mountains. Its close to Machu Pichu and we are going on a 4 day trek today to see it. im so excited! For those of you who are wondering, we haven't performed yet. But it will happen soon. (maybe-maybe not.)

Traveling is so fun. I meet so many good people, and everyone has thier own understanding of life and the world. It makes you open your mind to every way of life, and to value it even when its so compleatly opposite of what you know. The Peruvians are beautiful. They are kind and want to talk- which i find to be so much easier this time than in Guatemala. Peruvians talk really slow and don't use slang which makes it easier to understand. i really have learned so much more spanish because of having a base of the language. Its fun. It makes me want to be fluent.

Hopefully Ill get to post some pictures of this trek thing as its happening. Its going to be cool i think. I have had some pretty intence stomach issues, and they are still with me. (They as in the parasites). But i don't feel sick, I just process things very quickly:) I guess its pretty typical for travelers here. Any way-

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peru, Peru

Its 3am here in Lima on a saturday night, and the city is as awake as it was at 10. Its kinda fun being in a city like this. It makes me feel productive somehow... So me and cousin Andrea spent 2 days in Lima, then went down to the Nazca Lines for 2 days and are back in lima. I bet you are wondering "what are these nazca lines she writes of?" I will tell you.
These are lines and figures etched into the sand by aliens hundreds, maybe millions of years ago. They are shrouded in mystery. The 4 questions are: how did the lines and figures get there, and why are they only visible from the sky? and why does one look like a cute little alien waving, and others look like UFO runways? think about those questions... Ill post some pics. really, knowone believes their aliens, we just think they are:)
this is the waving one.

I found pieces of this little doll scattered across the desert.

Andrea bought a guitar today. We will now be preforming on the streets for money. we are fairly nervous, but thrilled at the possibilities of a Peruvian talent scout discovering us.
Tomorrow we go to Cuzco. im really excited about that place. Lima is so dry. We drove 7 hours to Nazca and there were probably 6 living plants that i saw along the way. maybe a bit more, but really mostly sand dunes. There were little dead trees planted along the road, probably as some city's 'beatification project'. But really with one live tree for every 12 dead ones, it didn't make it beautiful. it just made you realize how much not-water there is here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i am watching the color leave my skin just a bit more every day. right now it seems to be blending in with the white computer im writing on. its funny, cause i don't feel worthless, and yet when i look at what im actually doing with my life currently, i realize i kinda am. Oops. Im not too worried about it, but the longer i sit here not making decisions the weirder i feel. is weirder a word these days? I've created a work situation that makes me have to make a change. I've let my job slip into non-existance because of traveling. i still have some really, really devout clients, but not enough to fullfill me. Financially or emotionaly.
My hold up on making a decision and change is this supposed oppurtunity to travel free with an organization. The problem is that it's a new organization and it's slow moving. the idea of free travel is enough to keep me waiting.
I talked to Ash yesterday. it was sad because i only had 14 minutes and it beeped to tell me that i only had one minute left and i felt so frantic and i didn't say i love you ash. so i want to say it publicly- I love you ash. there- thats better.
I actually am pretty satisfied with my life right now. i feel good emotionaly and spiritally. although it is so hard to keep spirituality constant. I seem to be in a relationship with a boy. its good. i am learning to comunicate a little better.
Just an update. there will be fun things to write about soon i hope...