Monday, April 28, 2008

Here are the pictures i alluded to. Better late than never.

This is my niece cali. She's a cutie.

My older sister Deb and my younger sister michelle. and I. I hate the "and i" rule.

Just a weed or two.

A tribute. please don't move to idaho.

I thought this picture was nice with the shadows and my sisters playing happily in the road.

This is Eric and me.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The big move .

Lame title, but how are you supposed to think of cool things to say all the time? So my live now is changing semi-drasticly but not really enough to make a fuss over. Im moving to salt lake for the summer and working part-time at a salad and sandwich shop. Samwitch is how i originally tried spelling that. (Perhaps its not as phonetic as i supposed.) I am making 7 dollars/hour. A bit of a pay cut really. Im renting out my condo in logan to a married couple. I feel really lucky that I found them. They are a normal-type mormon couple. We've been getting electric and plumbing stuff done to put in a washer/dryer hook-up, which is a good up-grade for the resale value. Or so they say.
Eric is moving to Duchesne. He is my boyfriend. It might be hard for me to not live near a person who i like. it seems a bit sad really.
Im going to start doing hair in Slc within a week or so. Or maybe bountiful. we'll see.
Man my life is boring to write about. sorry. It seems more eventful in my mind. maybe a picture might cheer this blog up a bit.