Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a decision

Yes, i did it! I have decided to move to salt lake city. I feel really good and happy inside. (for the most part) (I'll tell you the only two bad things in a bit).

So, I heard about this massage school that was highly recommended by massage therapists in salt lake. I inquired at the school, and found out that the semester started that day. So I started the next day. strangely, this is exactly how i got into beauty school. I didn't think about it- i just went to the school the 2nd day of class and began my life in the crazy world of beauty. The decision to go to beauty school has been the best financial decision of my life. People were shocked when i did it, and even now i sometimes freak out that i do hair. Mostly when i look in the mirror and realize that i haven't combed my hair in 2 days... it doesn't really fit my personality or something. and yet it does.

I think this blog is going to be a rambler. so sorry. But the other day in massage school, a girl in my class was saying how her friend in seattle decided to go to beauty school. She thought it was crazy because he wants to work in the healing industry, and the hair industry seems like the furthest thing from that. As i was thinking about that, i realized that the hair industry is one where you help people. I love my job because of that. I love that people pour their lifes out on me and let me give them feedback, or just listen. Its so fun and depressing. anyway, im just putting a plug in for hair doers. its a really amazing job. but i am so excited to get into this new massage stuff.

And, i got a new job at a salon is slc! im so excited! ill only work fridays and saturdays, but tell people to come to me... if they dare. Im actually a little good at it. I charge 80$ for cut and color, and 30 for a cut. Its a good deal in slc.

My Brother John married his love, Maryssa 2 weekends ago. The day was warm, and they were so beautiful! i love them both so much. They never read this, but im just really excited for them to be wed. And yes, calli my 6 year old niece caught the bouquet. the little bum face.

I am now going to tell you the sad and bad things. First, eric and i aren't dating anymore. I haven't talked much about our relationship because i don't like telling personal stuff on here. but I miss him, and i love who he is and what he has taught me about love and communication. He loved me without judgement. It's a fulfilling way to be loved.

Second, my bed is not directly on the floor and i am really uncomfortable with that. I still look in my closet before i go to sleep every night, and when my bed isn't on the floor i have to look under there too. The thing is, nothing "living" could actually fit under the bed. (its only about 5 inches off the floor) so mostly i'm scared of ghosts or skinny monsters. I woke up at 5 am this morning and stepped off my bed and felt cold air coming from under my bed. I don't like it. i hate it.