Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what is going on here?

I really don't have any idea. those of you who look at this blog, will you cast a vote for one of these options?

1. move to san fransico in my vw bus (that will likely break down on the way), get a job and rent a driveway/kitchen/bathroom.

2. stay in slc and get a job and make some damn money.

3. move to damn logan and make some damn money.

So I accidently told a prospective client that i worked in a strip bar instead of a strip mall. I don't think she'll ever call. sad.

no pictures today- i cant find my camara. its somewhere in this huge pile of stuff that's in my parents garage that i keep wishing wasn't mine. do we all get to the point of wanting to start over with stuff? just throwing everything away and having nothing? i would love that right now. every time i try to throw some of my clothes away one of my little sisters grabs it and is so so happy, and then i see it in her closet 5 months later and i take it back. its a vicious cycle.

love, s