Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what is going on here?

I really don't have any idea. those of you who look at this blog, will you cast a vote for one of these options?

1. move to san fransico in my vw bus (that will likely break down on the way), get a job and rent a driveway/kitchen/bathroom.

2. stay in slc and get a job and make some damn money.

3. move to damn logan and make some damn money.

So I accidently told a prospective client that i worked in a strip bar instead of a strip mall. I don't think she'll ever call. sad.

no pictures today- i cant find my camara. its somewhere in this huge pile of stuff that's in my parents garage that i keep wishing wasn't mine. do we all get to the point of wanting to start over with stuff? just throwing everything away and having nothing? i would love that right now. every time i try to throw some of my clothes away one of my little sisters grabs it and is so so happy, and then i see it in her closet 5 months later and i take it back. its a vicious cycle.

love, s


Netti said...

My vote, if it counts for anything, is that you move to Logan and make some damn money. I would say stay in Salt Lake, because then I could see you more often, but let's be honest, Salt Lake is effing expensive, and Logan is nice and cheap and I would move there right this second if I could. And Logan is closer than San Fran. So there is my vote.

Loves, misses and hugs are sent your way!

Laurie Bingham said...

Mmmm, so this is what you were up to when you were on my computer for 5 hours. Yes. I love that you used my computer and stayed with me for a day. and then another day. it was so so fun. my vote is to stay in logan and make some damn money. or we could just start our own painting outside siding buisiness. now that we now all the tricks i think we could be real successful.


ps. you left gabe's business card on my floor.

iMzOOL said...

my vote is to come to des moines and i can clean up your mouth. lol. no, but seriously. i really think you should move to des moines and we could have so much fun.

iMzOOL said...

i was serious about the cleaning up your vocabulary part.

iMzOOL said...

just saying

holly jo said...

listen you damn little girl. do whatever you damn well please. that's all any of us ever do anyway. if you go to san fran i'll visit. if you go to logan more than likely mo and i will move in at some point...then back out and so forth. if you move to slc we will probably see each other more often, sleep at each others houses and eat each others food. where ever you end up going will probably be the best damn mistake of your life.

Camille said...

move to logan!!! you know you want to see me more often right? plus it may not be that safe to live in someone's driveway, but at the same time it would be such an adventure and you wouldn't have to shower for like 5 days at a time maybe! next time you're in logan, lets go to lunch please please please?

Camille said...

Oh, and I just laughed so hard when I read that you told a client you worked in a strip bar. That's so funny. I would come see you whether you worked in a strip bar or strip mall. Either way, I don't even care.

it's me, andrea. said...

I would vote for SF if it was closer to LA cuz that's where I wanna head soon. But it's not close. So, not SF. I would say Logan cuz it's safe and comfortable, but life is boring if you stay safe and comfortable. So, not Logan. Maybe SLC, but I could use the same Logan argument for SLC. So, not SLC. So there you have it, I'm good with SF, Logan, or SLC...or not. I think you should get a job at a damn strip bar.

Chelsea Nelson said...

Thanks for the little comment on my blog. Haven't heard from you for quite sometime.
My vote? If you have even a small desire to move out of Utah, do it. Its scary and hard and AWESOME!
I am in Utah til Tuesday. If you get this little comment before then, call if you want. 425.350.3420

Later skater.