Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hi cute baby blog

ok so. does it seem weird when you almost turn 26 and you are sitting at your parents house trying to figure out where your next big move is going to be? and then you decide that its going to be to your parents house?
It seems weird to me. as does the spelling of wierd. (weerd)

i have the boyfriend eric. he is moving back up to logan for the fall semester, and so i might do that. i want to be where he is. that is cute. fall in logan is my favorite time of year.

we went to jackson hole last weekend after spending the week at flaming gorge with my family. It was such a good week. i love flaming gorge.

and then we were driving through the forest in jackson and we saw a moose and then we saw a bear. !! it was scary! but also it was cool.

we came home, then i showered for the first time in a week. it was scary. but i also thought it was fun to be that dirty. and now i only try to shower 3 times a week instead of 7.


megantonesforever said...


megantonesforever said...

Sar, you're really cutting back on showers? How is Eric going to feel about that? Although, there is something to say about those natural smells, Tony likes them, for the most part. I wish it was always fall in Logan. Then I'd live there the rest of my life!

rob and maren watkins said...

let's all be honest, you've never showered 7 times a week. same though. so soarry about the whole real game thing. when you write it it just seems lame-- like no reee-al. was it fun? ours wasn't. well, we hadn't had a fight in like a year, so i guess it's to be expected and appreciated.
i love logan in the fall too. and i love you. i guess i'll love you in the fall in logan. that's weeerd.

toddash said...

oh sara sara there you are!! i have been looking for all over you! (that was a reference to a childhood computer game me and my siblings used to play, so i know you won't get it. but yes) and i am wondering where you will go???? to your mom's or logan. and then i think you told me you saw a bear, but i must have forgot. that is HUGE ! creepy! call me.

The Youngs said...

I have been doing the 3 times per week showering thing since high school. Maybe you already knew that because i smelled bad. Nonetheless, it's a huge time saver, water saver, shampoo/conditioner saver, and my hair is definitely healthier because of it. It doesn't really bother Matt because he only showers 3 times a week too. We try to shower on the same days so one of is not clean while the other is smelly. Is that embarrassing that I am telling this on a blog?

Laurie Bingham said...

i know why you are not showering. it is cause you do not have a towel, or cannot borrower my towel. but, if you came to visit me again i'd let you borrow one. i love your pics. they look awesome. i would love you to move back to logan.

Abbey Aldridge said...


I miss you. I'm coming to Utah on Thursday the 18th. We should have a whoever is near Davis county party. Let me know. I won't shower either if that helps our friendship.

toddash said...

it's your birthday yes it is, it is it is, your birthday. and i love you

david santos said...

Posting adorable. Nice weekend.

Chelsea Nelson said...

Hey Sara,
Thanks for the little message on my blog. Good to hear from you. The NorthWest is pretty sweet. If you are thinking about moving let me suggest this beautiful part of the country. It's amazing!

Hope you are doing well.


Netti said...

Hi cute baby blog. Best blog title ever in the history of blog titles. Reading that made my day!

I like to shower as little as humanly possible. Now that I have short hair I do have to shower a bit more because of the ridiculous bedhead that I get now, but when I had long hair, oh the joy, twice a week was not unheard of by any means. Hooray for dirtyness.

I always enjoy your pictures! And I notice that the first one is the corner by our house, our used to be house that is. MISS YOU!