Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hi its sara

I think the essence of blogging is letting everyone know your thoughts and actions. I guess its ok, it seems a little fishy though. I don't care about spelling or grammer or punctuation. As long as were all clear on that then i can do this. maybe i'll talk about explanation points first because i hate how happy they look and yet how do you add any excitement to your droning words without that damn symbol. So yes i will occasonally use it!! See how happy i seem, and yet right now im just regular and kinda tired. not happy not sad.
so, Capitalization. i guess its hard because all these years Word has capitalized all the first words and other important words, and now my little fingers cant really reach that shift without a bit of a strain. So sometimes i cap- sometimes not.

i turned 25 last week. i like getting older because i feel like it makes me valid. I am also single and alone. although in the last few weeks 3 different boys have paid atttention to me. i don't know if that is worthy of musing about, but its nice to know that people are occasionally attracted to me physically. once we start getting to know each other, it usually dissapates pretty quick. Its hard to find someone to love.

Im currently trying to figure out why its good to be in love. I don't think ill know unless it happens. I bet you feel insanely happy and full of soul and truth, and a good healthy sexuality. I hear you feel complete inside. So what if i already feel complete? I don't always, but i feel more complete than many of my clients who are in sad unhealthy relationships. Plus i feel much more fulfilled with my girlfriends than i ever have with any boy. but i like boys.

Right now my writings are boring and tired, but in a month i will be out in Guatemala and then people might actually want to read about my actions. give me some time.