Wednesday, July 9, 2008

These are pictures from the past few months. some are up in bellingham, some are in vancouver and some are here in utah.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello again blog

It has been a long time once again. I have nothing to talk about except things that i don't really want every person in the world wide web to know about. So I'll just write.

I love summer so much that i want it to stay for ever. But during that one winter i spent in hawaii i realized that I only love love summer because of how much i really hate winter. and I love that those little flowers that come up every spring all the sudden push their little stems up through the dirt. its neat isn't it? I went to bellingham wa a few weeks ago and caught a train up to vancouver bc. it was really pretty in both places, yet i was disappointed because it was cold in june. kinda really cold. i had to steal soccer socks from the boy i was staying with. and a hat and gloves.

in vancouver i didn't really talk to anyone. it was a different kind of trip because i didn't feel like being nice to people. so i just didn't look at people or smile very much. It was invigorating. but then this cynical boy started talking to me. we became walking friends for a day.

Its funny how one person can fulfill you. How they can make you feel comfortable being totally alone because you know that person cares about you. You dont have to feel lonely because you know that if that person could they would be with you. and the people around you know that too. Or even if they don't know that you still do, so you don't have to explain your alone state to anyone. i have a small complex about being cool.

I ran a red light today in centerville. on pages lane and main. It was so weird. i looked up and saw green then suddenly 7 seconds later when i was in the middle of the intersection and someone was honking as they swerved around me, i looked up and saw red. oops. sorry everyone. luckly i was not in my blue car with the white door or i would be sad and scared of everyone knowing who i was and hating me. I have never run a red light before. even if im in the middle of nowhere in a land where there are no people i still don't dare. I turned a new leaf today. I efficiantly got through a red light in a crowded intersection with nothing but a memory to show for it. and my sister michelles memory too. she hated me for a few seconds.