Wednesday, September 9, 2009

well well well well

Im almost 27.  I'm happy. It seems like just yesterday i was born.  Not.  actually it seems like forever ago.  If I stop and try to remember a day in my childhood, it is all foggy and slow moving and it seems like at least 50 years ago.  Isn't it weird that our parents are only 20-30 years older than us?  That they were in their 20's when they had us and yet they seemed so old.  but they were just 25 and 30.  

Im heading to Europe for 5 weeks with Eric.  I will use my blog more regularly I think.  pictures are better than words a lot of the time.  so i hope to get some fun pictures while i'm out in the countries of our fore-fathers. here is a picture of the moon and a chain. just to get you excited. they aren't even mine though.  they are jessies my little sisters.