Wednesday, February 6, 2008

lots of different

these are pictures from the bus...

Town center in Cusco

Me and Andrea

We are in Cusco, which is a beautiful town in the mountains. Its close to Machu Pichu and we are going on a 4 day trek today to see it. im so excited! For those of you who are wondering, we haven't performed yet. But it will happen soon. (maybe-maybe not.)

Traveling is so fun. I meet so many good people, and everyone has thier own understanding of life and the world. It makes you open your mind to every way of life, and to value it even when its so compleatly opposite of what you know. The Peruvians are beautiful. They are kind and want to talk- which i find to be so much easier this time than in Guatemala. Peruvians talk really slow and don't use slang which makes it easier to understand. i really have learned so much more spanish because of having a base of the language. Its fun. It makes me want to be fluent.

Hopefully Ill get to post some pictures of this trek thing as its happening. Its going to be cool i think. I have had some pretty intence stomach issues, and they are still with me. (They as in the parasites). But i don't feel sick, I just process things very quickly:) I guess its pretty typical for travelers here. Any way-

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peru, Peru

Its 3am here in Lima on a saturday night, and the city is as awake as it was at 10. Its kinda fun being in a city like this. It makes me feel productive somehow... So me and cousin Andrea spent 2 days in Lima, then went down to the Nazca Lines for 2 days and are back in lima. I bet you are wondering "what are these nazca lines she writes of?" I will tell you.
These are lines and figures etched into the sand by aliens hundreds, maybe millions of years ago. They are shrouded in mystery. The 4 questions are: how did the lines and figures get there, and why are they only visible from the sky? and why does one look like a cute little alien waving, and others look like UFO runways? think about those questions... Ill post some pics. really, knowone believes their aliens, we just think they are:)
this is the waving one.

I found pieces of this little doll scattered across the desert.

Andrea bought a guitar today. We will now be preforming on the streets for money. we are fairly nervous, but thrilled at the possibilities of a Peruvian talent scout discovering us.
Tomorrow we go to Cuzco. im really excited about that place. Lima is so dry. We drove 7 hours to Nazca and there were probably 6 living plants that i saw along the way. maybe a bit more, but really mostly sand dunes. There were little dead trees planted along the road, probably as some city's 'beatification project'. But really with one live tree for every 12 dead ones, it didn't make it beautiful. it just made you realize how much not-water there is here.