Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've been thinking lately that it would be nice to die just so i can stop wondering what comes after this life.

And then i could come back (through a medium) and tell everyone to stop worrying. I've been thinking about our obsession with truth and finding THE truth. Im becoming more excepting of the concept of individual truth, and the idea that truth for one person doesn't mean it will be true for someone else.

This goose is drooling bread crumbs. Poor thing doesn't even know.

Wilco at his best


Chelsea Nelson said...

You are an AMAZING photographer. I want the goose photo over my bed. Wait. That'd be creepy. Maybe in my bathroom. Or maybe above my fireplace. Or somewhere.

I want you in Seattle. NOW!

I am fine. How are you?

Laurie Bingham said...

i love that you captured that picture of was amazing!

Thanks for doing my hair, everybody loves it.

i don't want you to die.

The Youngs said...

Sara, you really are a god photographer. Will you take pictures of my family?

I also don't want you to die.

iMzOOL said...
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holly jo said...

i love drooling.

toddash said...

relatively speaking, i think you are on to something.

pun both intended, but accurate.

what truth have you found? i am not saying that to be annoying.. but as an idea for your next post, because i really want to know.

and quit blowing me off for your cousin. j/k. love you sare.

iMzOOL said...
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iMzOOL said...

dear sara and readers: i have made a terrible mistake of assuming that one can tell the tone of the writer in typed text. i wrote a comment on this page that i will forever regret. when i read this beautiful post, i took advantage of a great friend. in times past, our friends would open up and we would debate over issues. i suppose i miss that deep conversation and was thrilled to read this post. i made a flippant mistake of exercising the past ways and chose to state a belief that i hold true, but in a negative way. i thought that my dear sara would know that i was agreeing with her and then stating another view with the word "rebuttal" and then i ended it with what i thought would be funny "pray about it. i dare you. :) ) thinking that the smiley face and the "i dare you" would show everyone that i was being funny by saying "pray about it" to sare--because that is a common phrase that mormons say.

sorry sare. i really looked like an ass. especially after you read ashli's comment. if i would have been sensitive i would have commented like ash.

i have learned a great lesson that i hope none of you will make. i am extremely embarrassed and plead with my cute sare to trust me again and openly share her thoughts on her blog.